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Storage medical carts

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HQs: Turin - Italy

  • USA: San Antonio (Texas)
  • Perù
  • Brasil
  • Denmark
  • The Netherlands 
  • Middle east
  • India
  • Singapore

Language spoken
  • Italian
  • English
  • French
Why us
  • 70 years of history
  • Italian business reality
  • Third generation
  • International
  • Sustainability
  • International certifications



The various possible configurations make Apollo carts the optimum solution for any ward in any hospital or day-care clinic.

  • Fully ISO (60X40cm) compatible
  • All surfaces are made of polymers and therefore resistant to moisture
  • ABS top cover, PP bottom floor, PVC exterior walls
  • The entire inside compartment of the cart is easy to clean.
  • Self-drainage floor for quick and easy cleaning.
  • 5” (125mm) medical grade casters, non-marking rubber casters, 2x swivelling + 2x swivelling with brakes.
  • Full 360° wrap-around bumper.
  • Improved dense tray capacity due to the use of high capacity interior side tilted panels. Standard 183cm (72”) cart accommodates up to 18 units of 5cm (2”) deep trays / 11 pcs of 10cm (4”) deep trays / 7 pcs of 20cm (8”) deep trays.
  • Extended caster pattern for increased stability
  • ABS side panels can be equipped with small wheels for smoother and easier movement of heavily loaded trays.
  • Designated perforated rails accommodate the use of telescopic slides for support of heavy items. These can be used in combination with the side panels or separately.
  • Tambour door
  • Glass door 
  • Solid door


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  • CE

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  • EXW

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Technical spec (STORAGE-MEDICAL-CARTS.pdf, 7,107 Kb) [Download]

Company information



In 1946 Marino Tonon, Founder of Tonon Srl, decided to abandon the general carpentry sector to specialize in specifically aimed structures for the food industry and, more precisely, the transport of meat by meat rails. 

Leader for several years in the sector, in 1961, with the arrival of the first child Mariano, the small company moved from the historic establishment in Corso Grosseto (Turin) to be located in the rising industrial area of Borgaro Torinese, strategically put between the city and the airport. 

In 1973 the company had achieved such experience as to be able to design a completely innovative meat rail, made of aluminum, including hook and pulley, thus revolutionizing the production of the sector (until then all meat rails were built exclusively in steel).

The success was above expectations, to such an extent that in 1974, it was decided to invest also in a completely aluminum shelving, including slats, that would allow a more rational use of the space inside the cold room and built to measure for customer’s needs. 

We must wait 1988, with the arrival in the company of Bruno and Sergio Tonon, for the launch of the Eko Fit line, with slats in high resistance thermoplastic material and a connection between shelf and frames, made with a double pin connection, which reinforces the shelf's capacity and stability. The shelf was sold in modules, allowing a shift in the production of the shelf from “home-made” to industrial and commercially opening the market to the retailer.


In 2003 Tonon Srl obtained the company and product certification NF and TUF.

In 2006, the meat rail was further revolutionized with the creation of the Simplex line.
The innovation consisted in simplifying the assembly of the system as much as possible, in order to allow the assembly of the frame carrying the rail without the need for any tools.

In 2007, Tonon srl obtained a new product certification, worldwide recognizable: the NSF health certification.

In 2010, with the arrival in the company of the third generation, Luca and Eric Tonon, the company followed a steady growth that shifted its commercial vision from Italy to the whole world. The rapid growth of the market led to some important dates: 

in 2012 a new sales branch was opened in Asia and, after only two years, in 2014 a new European branch in the Netherlands.

The following year, in 2015, a sales branch in the United States was opened.
In 2015 there was also the launch on the market of the new Tray Trolley line.
This consisted in revisiting the classic tray trolley from Self Service Cafeteria, with the characteristic of being inspired by the Eko Fit shelving system, i.e. in aluminum, disassembled for transport and very easy and quick to assemble.

In 2016 Tonon srl opened a new branch in Scandinavia, thus covering the entire northern European area.

In 2017 all Eko Fit and Simplex production are refined, with the addition of important options, more and more oriented to satisfy the customer's growing desire for personalization and rationalization of the whole.

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